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The diia Story

diia is a skincare brand based in Jakarta, produced in Taiwan. Founder has been in the beauty industry in Taiwan for several years, and she thinks that providing products with simpler, honester, purer to let them wok on your skin to have an even better-looking, that’s why diia was born.

We believe that no matter what, our skin should be given the nutrition they need. diia Skincare provides some straightforward products for different kind of skin types and conditions, and our skin experts are available for you who wants to change or even start a new lifestyle. The first step is to know your skin better, and we will help you with that!

There is always room for an even better-looking skin!

Tess Chou

diia is a compound word contains: dia and I. 

dia - I'd like it to be she at this time. I means me, myself and woman.

We would like to pursue a better life to make us charming, beauty and having confidence.

This is me. diia stands for my attitude. Treat your skin! Treat yourself!

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